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Digital Time Lapse Camera

You guys have to see this cool time lapse camera!  So wicked!  Me want!

With my new 2012 commitment to post a YouTube video every Saturday, I have been exploring options for creating time lapse videos.   I wanted the time lapse aspect for three reasons:

  • time lapse is really entertaining to watch – it’s almost like performance art
  • I paint slow … much slower than the 15 minutes YouTube gives me … so for you to ever see a full piece it has to be sped up
  • time lapse is incredibly satisfying to me … there’s something about watching yourself paint something that you know took hours and see it come to life in a few minutes.  It’s almost like some sort of vindication.  You end up feeling like, “Ya! That was me!  I took that plain white piece of paper and made a masterpiece just like that.  I am talented!” Personally, I’d like to archive a time lapse of every painting I do.  It would be like a memoir.

Anyway.  Continuing on with the story…

I did some research on how to create time lapse videos and discovered that iMovie 11 has the capability of speeding up video footage.  So, for like $20 I downloaded the new version so I could make them.

What the good folks at Apple failed to tell me is that compressing 45 minutes of video footage into 3 minutes takes 3 hours!

3 hours!!  Who has time to do that.  I’d have to set it up to run while I slept then edit from there … balh blah blah …. unacceptable anyways.

That’s when I stumbled on this BABY!

Everyday I visit a handful of websites and one of them is SwissMiss.  She always has the neatest home decore stuff on there and I’m in to that.  So imagine my surprise when I’m over there snooping around and I find a Digital Time Lapse Camera!  This thing is so cool!!

Buy the Digital Time-Lapse Camera at the Photojojo Store!

Buy the Digital Time-Lapse Camera at the Photojojo Store!

You can set the timing anyway you want … but it has enough memory to take a single photo every day for 200 days.

That doesn’t quite translate well into airbrush language, but the technical specs say it can do the following:

      • 38 hours at 1 frame every 5 seconds
      • 10.4 days at 1 frame every 1 minute
      • 13.8 days at 1 frame every 5 minutes
      • 52 days at 1 frame every 30 minutes
      • 83 days at 1 frame every hour
      • 133 days at 1 frame every 4 hours
      • 200 days at 1 frame every 24 hours

How cool would that be!  You could set it up to film an entire year of airbrush production at 30 minute intervals.  I could timelapse my whole life!  Although it would be fairly boring …. sleep, get ready, go to work, come home, paint, computer, sleep.

Here are the rest of the specs:

Just so you know, I am not affiliated with these people in anyway … I just think this product (as well as the others on their site) are AMAZING.

  • Records HD video at 1280 x 1024 resolution
  • Stores to a 2GB flash drive (included)
  • Can replace storage with a larger flash drive (max size supported is 8GB)
  • Records in AVI file format
  • Includes Windows software for grabbing video stills from movie files (not Mac compatible)
  • 6 default time-lapse settings: 1 minute, 5 minutes, 30 minutes, 1 hour, 4 hours, 24 hours
  • Plus 1 custom setting from 5 seconds to 12 hours (Windows Only)
  • 2 lens settings: standard view and macro view
  • Water resistant plastic; safe for outdoor use
  • Standard tripod mount
  • In normal mode focal length is 20″ to infinity
  • Camera dimensions are 2”x4”x8” and weighs 1/2 lb without batteries
  • Runs on 4 AA batteries (included) that last

It’s only $150 too …. can’t beat that price!  I’ll be sending away for mine shortly …. next pay day I hope :)

Daniel Power: Power Series 2 Review

I just recently did an airbrush DVD swap with a friend I made through this website … I sent him Mike Lavallee’s True Fire DVD and he sent me Daniel Power’s Power Series 2.  Swapping DVD’s is something I highly recommend to people as airbrush DVDs are ridiculously expensive and frankly, having your own personal collection is not very valuable as after you’ve watched them a few times I find that your rarely go back to them.

What Daniel Power’s Power Series 2 Includes:

This DVD is a follow up to the first one – Power Series 1 – and basically builds on the skills taught in that DVD which were primarily focused on developing free hand airbrushing skills.  In this DVD Daniel focuses on:

  • furthering you freehand skills
  • color capping (which I will explain further down
  • color theory
  • color matching
  • rendering hair, and
  • a final project to pull it all together.

Total run time of the DVD is 502 minutes – which is A LOT!!

What Did I Think?

I really like Daniel Power.  He is not pretentious in the slightest and his training is very focused on skills.  I find that with a lot of airbrush training videos that they tend to focus on the artist’s talent as opposed to the actually technique being used – and in this DVD, while it is obvious that Daniel is a talented artist, the training is not focused on his abilities, but rather developing yours.

The amount of information provided was great!  At times I did find myself fast forwarding through some of the painting portions (as he completes several projects in this DVD) but I would rather have TOO MUCH shown, and the ability to fast forward when I felt like it, than not enough information and be left feeling ripped off.

Color Capping

I really liked the idea of “color capping” and his explanation of it.  Basically, color capping is the process of mixing an opaque paint to a specific color and then adding colorless extender to that mixture to make it have transparent qualities which allows you to still shade and build colors up, but limits how dark you can make them over all.  This is something I have done in the past by coincidence, but never as a “strategy” for painting a full picture – which is how he has done it.  The project he did to demonstrate this – a man’s torso in black and white – was wonderful to watch and was really well executed.  I’ll do a more in depth post on this shortly to demonstrate what I learned.

Color Theory and Color Matching

I have to be honest and say that I sped through most of the color related stuff on this DVD as I feel fairly confident about my color matching abilities however, I think for someone who is just learning color theory the information he provided is a great starting point.  I think the information provided was fairly basic and easy to understand, but I am not entirely sure if he provided enough information for someone who is new to color theory or mixing custom colors to be able to do it confidently on their own.  Remember though guys, this is coming from a color theory snob (me) … and I am pretty picky about colors.  Some day I’ll put something together that encapsulates my understanding of color theory and share it with you all.

Rendering Hair

If you are a long time reader, you KNOW that me and hair have a love hate (actually, mostly hate) relationship.  I can paint the most amazing face ever and it is almost guaranteed that I will screw up the hair and ruin the whole thing!  The hair rendering portion of this DVD is WHY I WANTED IT!  And, I was not disappointed … Daniel did a really great job of breaking down what he was doing into repeatable steps for me to try.  In the DVD he did three different renditions of hair – all of which were super impressive.  I’ll admit before even trying to replicate his process that I am going to have a bit of trouble duplicating it as it relies very heavily on freehand skills and dagger strokes – of which I could use more work on with both.  Regardless – I am excited to know the steps – FINALLY!

Final Project

The final project that pulls all the steps together was a full color version of Charlise Thereon and it was beautiful.  Beautifully executed and very well explained.  Needless to say, I am jealous.

Final Thoughts

I really did like this DVD and would recommend it to anyone for viewing.  As it builds on the lessons in Power Series 1 though, and he references those particular skills often in this DVD, I would suggest that you watch that one first.




Did You Know I Have A YouTube Channel?

I just realized that in transferring my website over to this new cooler platform that I totally FAILED to upload all of the videos that I have up on my YouTube channel!

This is the first one in the series and, like all first attempts at anything, it kinda sucks! LOL!  The other ones are better!

At the moment there are about 7 of these videos up on YouTube and to get them up on this site, I will post one a week for the next few weeks … so keep your eyes peeled!  Or, just double click the video above and it will jump you to my YouTube channel.