Fantasy Airbrush Art: Space Scene


A popular theme in fantasy airbrush art is space scenes… and the great thing is that they are fairly easy to produce…. you just need a little imagination.

For this project I will show you how I painted the simple space scene shown above.

For this project you will need the following:

  • your airbrush equipment
  • a selection of paints
  • a little bit of frisket
  • a surface to paint on

Scroll down when you are ready to start!

Step 1

First things first … you will need a surface that is painted jet black.


Step 2

Now to add some stars to this black sky. You would think it would be pretty difficult to make with an airbrush – but not if you know the trick !!!

The trick is to make your airbrush spatter instead of spray. To make it spatter, you need to restrict the airflow by squeezing the hose as shown below. Once you have the air restricted, point the nozzle at a test surface (like some scrap paper) and push the trigger down and rock it back and forth. Keep rocking back and forth and slowly release the restriction on the hose. At a certain point, just the right amount of air will flow past the nozzle causing the airbrush to spatter paint.


Step 3

Once comfortable that you can spatter the paint just right, spatter some white spots on the black sky.


Step 4

Here I used white paint to add some foggy, milky-way looking effects.


Step 5

Now I want to add a planet… so I cut a circle out of some frisket and apply it to the surface.


Step 6

Then I painted the entire exposed area white.


Step 7

Here I want to add some texture to the planet. I use this GREAT find – styrofoam that has been melted with a heat gun – it makes an awesome texture. I apply this over the frisket and spray a dark, transparent paint through the holes.


Step 8

Here’s what it looks like done.


Step 9

Now I added a bit of color to the planet.


Step 10

And, here I have shaded the planet so it looks like a sphere.


Step 11

And lastly, to give it a bit of a glow, I covered up the planet with the frisket and dusted white paint around the entire planet.


And there ya have, the very basics of fantasy airbrush art space scenes.

3 thoughts on “Fantasy Airbrush Art: Space Scene”

  1. Thank you so much for the outstanding work you present on here. I particularly enjoy the psycological aspects, at least it’s not just me who feels dissapointed from time to time when just starting out, you’ve documented every emotion i’ve gone through learning to airbrush! Your encouragement is so refreshing and is not found on any other site it keeps me motivated.

    The styrofoam trick is fantastic! I was looking for something to replicate the surface of the moon. A good trick for a spatter effect i’ve come accross is to fire paint against the end of a wooden stick (are they called popsickle sticks your side of the pond?).

    Your dedication to this site is amazing, please keep up your good work and encouragement, I for one am very grateful.

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