Is Your Airbrush Spitting?

If you’re experiencing airbrush spitting, I am sorry to say, the problme is more than likely you and not your airbrush…

Don’t worry though – it is easily fixed!

Spitting happens when air is not allowed to flow through the airbrush at all times … the bad habit that people tend to get is “POPPING” the trigger on and off between strokes and that habit leads to lots of SPLATS!

SPLATS happen because when airbrush paint is being supplied on to the needle either through gravity feed or siphen feed and the air is what makes it atomize and “jump off” on to your work. When you POP the air on and off all the time, you are letting a little bit of that paint sit on the needle – and that littly bit of paint is just WAITING for you to turn the air back on so it can jump off! But you don’t see that … so you get in position to paint your next stroke, turn the air on, and then BAM there it is! SPLAT!

Simply changing the habit of popping the trigger on an off between strokes will significantly reduce the amount of airbrush spitting you are seeing. Another tip, is to remove* the needle guard at the very front of your airbrush so that you can SEE the tip of the needle when you are painting. If the color is light enough, often you can see that little blob of paint sitting on the needle waiting for you … which is your clue to spray AWAY from your work to clear the paint off the needle and then continue.

Careful when removing that guard – it’s there for a reason – I don’t want to drop your airbrush and risk bending the delicate needle tip!

Hope that helps!

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