Make Your Own Edible Airbrush Paint

Making edible airbrush paint is easy…

Here’s the situation – you’ve heard of the airbrush cake craze and want to give it a whirl, but … you aren’t quite ready to go out and buy the “real thing” with out giving it a go first…

The simple solution – make your own at home! If you find the process to be fun (which I know you will) then you can commit to buying the good stuff!

Here’s how to do it!

Go to your local craft store and purchase Wilton Icing Colors in any color you wish – primary colors will give you the most color mixing combinations if you want to play. This type of food coloring comes in a gel format and is HIGHLY concentrated (unlike the runny stuff you get at the grocery store).

Also buy a bottle of VODKA!

Pour a tiny bit of Vodka (a little bit goes a long way – I’m talking a tablespoon) into a disposable cup/container and dissolve a tiny bit of the colored gel into the vodka. Again, a little bit goes a long way… pre mix a few colors. The resulting concoction is – you guessed it – edible airbrush paint.

Now, this formula is not perfect. The resulting paint with be very wet and will be prone to run if applied to liberally. To make this work, you have to spray in very light coats to build up the color. The vodka will evaporate out leaving very little alcohol taste or smell.

IMPORTANT NOTE Before you spray edible airbrush paint in your white kitchen – think TWICE! There will be overspray! Construct a make-shift spray booth out of a cardboard box or paint the cake somewhere that it will be OK to make a mess!!

Are you ready?!

Grab any cake that is iced white (either with fondant or butter cream) and go to town! Try making color gradients – red fading into blue (with a pretty purple transition) or try applying a doilie over the cake and spraying on top of that to leave a lace-like pattern … for that matter… why not try lace?

Test the possibilities and see how quick and easy it is to make a cake go from blah to BLAM in a full pulls of an airbrush trigger

One thought on “Make Your Own Edible Airbrush Paint”

  1. I made the airbrush paint as directed but for some reason it stayed wet on the cake and never really dried. Is there something that I did wrong? Maybe added to much color, or didn’t wait long enough inbetweens coats?


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