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Airbrush Portrait in Time Lapse Video

What a find!!! This airbrush portrait is STUNNING!!

It’s so rare to find a full length time lapse on youtube! And this one is great… I’ll blather on about it at the end cause I know you just want to get to the video :)

I so happy I stumbled across this…. Normally, I watch Chris Scalf’s(the artist) youtube videos for his amazing photoshop skills – you should check out his photoshop dragons – they are absolutely breathtaking.

In fact … they are SO good, that as a BONUS CLIP I’ll add one of my favorite photoshop dragons of his at the bottom – even though it is not airbrush related, it’s worth showing from an artistic point of view.

And now for the BONUS FEATURE

OK!! So let’s talk about that airbrush video!!

How about I just list all the things that really impressed me!

1. He doesn’t even have a sketch on that illustration board – it’s 100% freehand

2. He uses a shield, what, three time?!?! And to top it off it’s a ripped up piece of paper!

3. It only took him 4 hours to paint (man, I wish!)

4. He uses very very little white paint – just a few spots on the shirt to punch out the highlights

5. He mixes up his media by using prismacolor pencils at the end to add the “little extras”

6. And lastly, I am just plain old impressed – aren’t you?

Airbrush Snowboard Video

A friend of mine in one of the forums posted this awesome set of videos he made of an airbrush snowboard … it turned out just incredible!

What’s even better about this video is the story behind it ….

Rod of OnFireGrafx is such a sweetie …. he was feeling the giving spirit of christmas and decide that he would paint a snowboard and give it to a deserving kid who doesn’t have access to such luxurious things!

The world could use a few more Rods … don’t you think?

Freehand Airbrush of “Hot Girl” by Steve Nunez

Holy COW!! Steve Nunez can freehand airbrush better than I can WALK!

Watching him airbrush is like watching a miracle… if you are just learning to airbrush, I want to point a few things to watch for in the video:

1. His reference is always close by and he looks at it often

2. He moves his canvas around … most likely for two reasons, a) to get better angle and b) to look at his painting from a different perspective

3. His dagger strokes for the hair are masterful – this is what can be done with lots and lots of practice

4. He paints on both the up and the down stroke… great trigger control

5. There is a lot of depth to the piece… look at the hair around the 1:28 mark … he has not only painted the hair cascading over her but also the shadows behind it

6. At the end when he shows the finished piece notice that there is so much subtlety in the painting. For example, the right side of her nose is barely visible and the definition of her teeth is so light it is barely there.

7. And lastly, how does he do it? I don’t know Steve, but I bet he is able to paint with that skill and speed because he has practiced and practiced. Once you KNOW exactly how to make the marks you want to make (like dagger strokes) and you have trained your hand to make them consistently (through repetition) it becomes a lot easier to just paint

Come on guys …. sing it with me…. “Don’t ya wish you could airbrush as great as Steve, don’t ya”….