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Check Out this AMAZING Airbrush Helmet Painting

I am SO incredibly flattered!

A very sweet man named JT Gray made this airbrush helmet painting for me and sent it all the way to me from Texas (over 1,585 miles!)!


Isn’t it Gorgeous!


Why a hardhat you ask? Well, it turns out that even though we live over 1500 miles apart, JT and I are one in the same… we practically have the EXACT same day job – a really specialized oil and gas industry job – and we are both obsessed with airbrush! So, it is fitting that I have my very own custom airbrushed hardhat!


The day it arrived in the post I raced to pick it up, ripped it out of the box and plopped it on my head – thrilled to the gills to be the recipient of such a nice gesture…


… when I got home … everyone “oohed” and “awed” and then we ate dinner! I wore my hat through the whole meal :)

Thank you again JT – you do great work!

Keep it up!