What is the right airbrush pressure to get the best results?

Questions about proper airbrush pressure are common – but unfortunately – there is not one simple answer.

Don’t worry – there is hope

While I may not be able to provide a single answer, I can provide a selection of answers and some discussion that will get you on the right track to finding the perfect “airbrush pressure” for your particular project.

Here are the pressures I prefer to use for my projects….

(keep reading to find the explanations as to why I prefer them)

NOTE: These are the pressures being DELIVERED to your airbrush, not the pressure that is seen on the surface you’re painting

  • Fine Art = 20 – 25 psi
  • Custom (Automotive, Helmets, etc) = 20 – 25 psi
  • Murals = 20 – 25 psi
  • T-Shirts = 30 – 40 psi

For these types of projects, because they are directly on or near skin, I highly recommend you read the explanation why that follows as it is a safety concern:

  • Nail Art = 15 psi
  • Body Paint = 15 psi
  • Face Paint = 15 psi or less

One thought on “What is the right airbrush pressure to get the best results?”

  1. Something to thank about: The more paint the more pressure the bigger the spray. Less paint the less pressure the finner the spray.

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